Get Botanical Skin Care Products Without Spending Like a Celebrity (But Still Looking Like One!)

Without a doubt, botanical skin care products are the next “Big Thing” when it comes to beauty products. These products are made from various extracts and oils from plants and flowers (hence the “botanical” phrase). Many top celebrities (like Renee Zellweger and Demi Moore) swear by their botanical skin care products.

That’s great for them, since they can afford to spend thousands every year on skin products. But what about us? The normal-Jane moms? Well, we have to be bit more crafty. Fortunately for YOU, I’m the Queen of Craftiness.

We have to find the botanical skin care ingredients that are so amazing, and then locate affordable products that use those ingredients.

It’s like meal planning. I look in my freezer and pantry for ingredients my family loves, and then I search my computer for recipes with those ingredients. I’m guaranteed to make a recipe everyone will eat. (And you are guaranteed to find affordable botanical skin care products that will actually work!)

I’ll make it even easier for you. I’ve already figured out what those botanical skin care wonder-ingredients are. So, I’ll list them here and you can go and shop for them.

Sea Kelp (Phytessence Wakame)

Sea kelp has been used for generations in Japan to help keep skin looking youthful. It is packed-full of healthy nutrients, for your skin and your bones. (It has 15 times more calcium than milk when eaten.)

Specifically, studies have recently shown that this powerful antioxidant helps protect the skin from losing its elasticity and becoming saggy and keeping circles from developing under the eyes.

Babassu Palm Tree Fruit

The babassu palm tree grows in the Amazon. A potent oil is derived from the kernal of the Babassu’s fruit. That oil is a natural moisturizer that both dry and oily skins benefit from. The oil is a favorite in botanical skin care products that are specifically for eczema, or itchy dry skin.


Maracuja is a passion fruit extract found only in Brazil. It is a natural emollient (which is a fancy-pants way of saying “moisturizer”). It is rich in linolenic acid, an essential fatty-acid (which is a fancy-pants way of saying your body doesn’t make it, you have to put that essential fat into your body). Linolenic acid nourishes your skin and leaves it silky-smooth. (Seriously, your husband won’t want to stop touching you – it’s that good!)

Manuka Honey

This honey isn’t your regular clover-variety. This honey is found only in New Zealand and has been scientifically-proven to boost the healing properties of the skin. The special enzymes found in manuka honey gives it amazing antibacterial and antioxidant properties. (Anti-bacteria means anti-blemish.)

Find any one of these botanical skin care ingredients in a low-cost product, and your skin will be shining all the way to the bank. Luckily for you, I’ve already found some! Visit my website below to see what I discovered.

A Guide to Finding the Top Skin Care Products

Top skin care products

It’s like clockwork. Every time you turn your head, there is a new skin care product being launched that promises to make your skin as soft and smooth as a baby. The reality of these products, however, is much different.

Let’s face it. The cosmetics companies are in the business to make money. And they do this by any means possible. That is the reason you will find that many supposedly top skin care products contain mineral oil as an ingredient, which they claim to be a natural ingredient.

Fact is, mineral oil is a chemical byproduct of gasoline distillation. It is not found in nature in its actual form. When used in skin creams, it appears to moisturize the skin effectively in the initial period. Eventually, though, it actually makes the skin even drier than its original state. So if you use such a product for a length of time, your skin will be left in a much worse condition than before.

So what does one do? The solution lies in using products that contain natural ingredients only. This makes sure you get all the benefits without any side effects.

Let’s take a look at the kind of ingredients that you should look for in your cream.

One of the most effective ingredients that you can get in your cream is Phytessence Wakame. This sea kelp from Japan is a very effective skin rejuvenator. It provides plenty of minerals and vitamins to your skin and keeps it healthy. It also protects the skin from the Ultraviolet rays of the sun and from pollution too.

Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10, or CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant found in the top skin care products. It plays an important role in protecting the skin from the damage caused by free radicals. It has a strong anti wrinkle effect too.

The primary cause of wrinkles is the reduced Collagen and Elastin levels in the skin. This is an undesired effect of aging we all have to face. Cynergy Tk helps in reversing this effect by enhancing the collagen and elastin production in the body. This keeps the skin free from wrinkles and fine lines.

Babassu is a light, natural wax derived from the Babassu palm found in Brazil. It softens and soothes the skin and moisturizes it effectively, without making it oily.

Make no mistake about it. If you do a little research and find the top skin care products containing these amazing ingredients, you can have a naturally beautiful and glowing skin, for years and years to come.

Are Organic Skin Care Products Right For You?

It is a fact of life that many people fail to take adequate care of their skin. As we age skin care becomes even more important. Over the past few years people have been turning away from synthetic creams in favor of organic skin care products.

By using organic skin care products means that your ability to maintain a healthy skin becomes very easy and attainable, However not all natural ingredients in creams and lotions produce the desired result, because not all natural ingredients are effective.

Anything that is grown from nature is termed organic, But, nowadays the term organic has come to mean any plant that is free of chemicals and pesticides.

Many people have adopted a lifestyle that is more in keeping with the environment. In addition to eating healthier foods and using environmentally safe energy sources, This lifestyle change also includes using products which are safer and kinder to their skin. According to many dermatologists organic skin care products are much gentler and more effective than the synthetic chemical based products which dominate the market, We need to discover which ones from the multitude of natural ingredients are the most effective.

The Japanese are pretty switched on when it comes to using natural ingredients, One of the ingredients they use is an extract from a sea help found off the coast of japan. This extract known as Phytessence Wakame has been in use for many centuries because it is so effective.

The hyaluronic acid levels in your skin help to stop lines and wrinkles from forming. However there is an enzyme which destroys the natural hyaluronic acid levels, this results in the formation of lines and wrinkles. Phytessence Wakame stops this enzyme from working.

This is one of the many natural ingredients which are very effective. Other ingredients include Jojoba, Active Manuka Homey, Avocado oil and Grape seed oil, Active Manuka Honey is obtained from New Zealand and is extremely effective in reducing lines and wrinkles, These ingredients and others like them are only to be found in the highest quality products.

In conclusion organic skin care products are many times more effective than the products you can find at your local pharmacy or department stone. They are safer to use in addition to being kinder and gentler on your skin. Does that sound like the kind of product you’re looking for?