Get Botanical Skin Care Products Without Spending Like a Celebrity (But Still Looking Like One!)

Without a doubt, botanical skin care products are the next “Big Thing” when it comes to beauty products. These products are made from various extracts and oils from plants and flowers (hence the “botanical” phrase). Many top celebrities (like Renee Zellweger and Demi Moore) swear by their botanical skin care products.

That’s great for them, since they can afford to spend thousands every year on skin products. But what about us? The normal-Jane moms? Well, we have to be bit more crafty. Fortunately for YOU, I’m the Queen of Craftiness.

We have to find the botanical skin care ingredients that are so amazing, and then locate affordable products that use those ingredients.

It’s like meal planning. I look in my freezer and pantry for ingredients my family loves, and then I search my computer for recipes with those ingredients. I’m guaranteed to make a recipe everyone will eat. (And you are guaranteed to find affordable botanical skin care products that will actually work!)

I’ll make it even easier for you. I’ve already figured out what those botanical skin care wonder-ingredients are. So, I’ll list them here and you can go and shop for them.

Sea Kelp (Phytessence Wakame)

Sea kelp has been used for generations in Japan to help keep skin looking youthful. It is packed-full of healthy nutrients, for your skin and your bones. (It has 15 times more calcium than milk when eaten.)

Specifically, studies have recently shown that this powerful antioxidant helps protect the skin from losing its elasticity and becoming saggy and keeping circles from developing under the eyes.

Babassu Palm Tree Fruit

The babassu palm tree grows in the Amazon. A potent oil is derived from the kernal of the Babassu’s fruit. That oil is a natural moisturizer that both dry and oily skins benefit from. The oil is a favorite in botanical skin care products that are specifically for eczema, or itchy dry skin.


Maracuja is a passion fruit extract found only in Brazil. It is a natural emollient (which is a fancy-pants way of saying “moisturizer”). It is rich in linolenic acid, an essential fatty-acid (which is a fancy-pants way of saying your body doesn’t make it, you have to put that essential fat into your body). Linolenic acid nourishes your skin and leaves it silky-smooth. (Seriously, your husband won’t want to stop touching you – it’s that good!)

Manuka Honey

This honey isn’t your regular clover-variety. This honey is found only in New Zealand and has been scientifically-proven to boost the healing properties of the skin. The special enzymes found in manuka honey gives it amazing antibacterial and antioxidant properties. (Anti-bacteria means anti-blemish.)

Find any one of these botanical skin care ingredients in a low-cost product, and your skin will be shining all the way to the bank. Luckily for you, I’ve already found some! Visit my website below to see what I discovered.