Distributors of Skin Care Products – Why Some Are Useless

Let face it. There are so many developers and distributors of skin care products out there to mention, and they are all falling over each other trying to secure your business. They make lavish promises about the effectiveness of their formulas, each claiming that their anti wrinkle skin care formulas are the most effective answer to your problem. If only more of them were honest about usefulness of their products.

The truth is that the vast majority of the “wonder” products on the market don’t offer you anything that you need in order to heal your skin. The reason that I say “heal” when it comes to revitalizing your skin is because what you are trying to do is repair the damage done to your skin over time. What you are doing is reversing the breakdown of the interior structure of your skin.

Most developers and distributors of skin care formulas supposedly designed to help you to reverse the effects of aging don’t really offer you anything that you need in order to be successful. What they are mostly filling their products with are synthetically contrived compounds that provide you with little of what you need. The antioxidant and essential nutrient content of these synthetics is incredibly low.

Many of the formulas that these companies dispense are said to help you create a greater abundance of firming tissue within the skin by the direct introduction of fresh collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It is physically impossible for these compounds to be delivered through your skin, because of their incredible molecular density. Your skin literally cannot absorb them.

What these distributors of skin care formulas would have to do in order to make a difference in the way you look is figure out a way for your body to increase its own firming tissue. This would require ingredients that dramatically elevate the production of your collagen and elastin, while halting the destruction of your hyaluronic acid by enzymes present in the skin.

There is a company based in New Zealand that has discovered that by mixing two keratin proteins not naturally found together, and adding carefully selected enzymes fresh collagen and elastin can be increased. The ingredient they have developed is called Cynergy TK with Functional Keratin, and it will dramatically improve the internal functions that produce new tissue fiber.

The distributors of skin care products from New Zealand don’t stop with Cynergy TK with Functional Keratin for firming and plumping the skin. They also make use of a potent extract derived from a variety of kelp that grows nowhere except in the Sea of Japan. Phytessence Wakame kelp extract will put a stop to the degradation of your hyaluronic acid, which further reduces your wrinkles.

These distributors of skin care formulas also add natural compounds like avocado oil and active Manuka honey to their all natural products to further enhance the formation of firming tissue. Their products are without a doubt the safest, and most effective anti aging skin care formulas currently available, and you should take advantage of what they can do for you if achieving younger looking skin is your goal.

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Finding the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products Has Just Gotten Easier

There are thousands of Anti aging skin care products that continues to take over the market and are improving steadily due to the advancement of science and technology.  However the best ones ate the ones that are able to reverse the signs of aging without causing any further damage. 

It is very difficult to find genuine anti aging products nowadays as each day the market is bombarded with thousands of these products all claiming to be the best.  If you have tried any of these products, and I sure you have you know by now that it is very difficult choosing one

The problem with most products is they promise to perform miracles, however there is no such thing as a miracle in a jar.  It just do not exist.  What you need is a product that contain specially formulated ingredients that will gradually reduce your fine lines and wrinkles, and promote new skin cell growth.   Your aging skin needs natural active products that will not only make promises, but will see them through.

Your skin begins to wrinkle and become quite unhealthy with age.  That is what aging does to you.  However though you cannot prevent aging, but you can certainly determine how you look as you age.

An important factor in aging skin is collagen. As you age your skin’s ability to produce collagen lessens and skin needs collagen to stay young and firm.  However there are some misconception with regards to collagen.  You see most skin care products contain collagen, however collagen cannot help your skin in that manner.  The molecules of collagen are too large and are not able to be absorbed by your skin.  Applying collagen topically will now help at all.

The best way to have your collagen level increase is to find products with ingredients that will stimulate your collagen production.  This is possible, however you need to know what to look for.   I am here to point you in the right direction.

These are great natural ingredients specifically formulated to build collagen and elastin production as well as help to rejuvenate your skin:

Cynergy TK:  Promotes firmness and elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote collagen, elastin and new skin cell growth.   It provides your skin with mineral and other vitamins necessary for skin rejuvenation.  Cynergy TK contains functional Keratin which is a protein found throughout the body.  It helps to keep skin healthy and really young looking.

Phytessence Wakame:  A Japanese beauty preserver and a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production.  It fights free radical which is damaging to skin.   Phytessence Wakame is cultivated and eaten in Japan for its healgh-giving properties.  It is an awesome substance that you definitely want to use on your skin.

Nano Lipobelle HEQ10:  A must have ingredients in an anti aging skin care product.  This is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect skin for the harmful UV rays of the sun.  It promotes collagen production and can penetrate deep down through the man layers of the skin which results in quite a dramatic anti-wrinkle effect.

There are three main causes of aging of our skin and most skin care products tackle only one.  You need to find a product that will tackle all three using the most powerful natural ingredients known to science.   

The best anti aging skin care products are available and is the only way to rejuvenate your skin reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles and promoting firmness and elastin giving you beautiful, firm, toned looking skin.

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The Truth Behind Cheap Skin Care Products

I just want to talk to you a little bit about the misconceptions that have arisen in many peoples minds concerning cheap skin care products. Now, when I say cheap skin products I am not talking about the formulas that you get at your local bargain bin store, but rather the reasonably priced formulas on the market. Some of these products are actually good buy and some decidedly not so good.

A lot of people are under the impression that these cheap skin care products are all of low caliber. They believe that they are filled with ineffective ingredients that simply cannot match up to the compounds that are found in the more expensive formulas. This is not exactly true though, because there are many mid-priced formulas that are far more effective than their higher priced competitors.

These cheap skin products are made solely from all natural ingredients, and the give your skin all of the essential nutrients that it needs to be healthy, and beautiful looking. These are the products that you want if increasing the collagen and elastin is a primary goal, because they contain ingredients that will produce better results than the high priced collagen and elastin formulas.

These cheap skin care products out perform the other formulas, because of the fact that the collagen and elastin that are used as ingredients in the more well known cosmetics products are too molecularly dense to allow the skin to absorb them. In order for you to obtain more connective tissue, you need to be able to stimulate your body to produce more of it.

I can guarantee you that you will not find ingredients that will allow you to do this in any of the most expensive formulas on the market. I know this, because I checked out the ingredients that they contain. There is a line of moderately priced cheap skin products however, that offer exactly what you need in the form of a mixture of keratin proteins.

These all natural cheap skin care products contain a compound which is known as Functional Keratin, which is what these proteins are collectively called. What Functional Keratin does is it promotes a dramatic increase in the number of cells being produced that transform themselves into collagen and elastin. If you want more hyaluronic acid to make sure that all of your wrinkles are erased, then these products can handle that too.

These cheap skin products feature an extract that is derived from a particular variety of sea kelp that can only be found in the Sea of Japan. This extract, Phytessence Wakame, has the duty of deprogramming the enzymes in your skin that are in charge of breaking your hyaluronic acid down. Once the enzymes no longer attack, the amount of acid in your skin increases.

As you can see, there are many benefits that cheap skin care products give you that the other, more expensive formulas cannot match. You should give the formulas containing these all natural anti aging ingredients that I have described here if you want healthier, younger looking skin. You’ll have more success, and save a lot of money too.